Victories For Veterans

Homelessness among our brave veterans

Live out your life.

About Us

Victories For Veterans is a foundation established to challenge an infuriating issue that plagues our World– homelessness among our brave veterans…
Unfortunately, The noble Men & Women who have risked their lives to protect our freedom and our country somehow find themselves homeless and forgotten.

They find it very hard to adapt to civilian life, but we as patriotic and compassionate citizens have the power to change this narrative!

The Victories for Veterans program is committed to providing shared and affordable housing for homeless veterans in appreciation to serve those who served us.

Live out your life.

What We Do

Victories 4 Veterans Campaign Victories 4 Veterans is a program that provides housing solutions for those who are served and may be homeless or facing homelessness.

We are looking for sponsorships to help fund the cost of providing a clean and safe environment for homeless Veteran Men & Women. The funds that you pledge will be put towards providing beds for veterans in our housing program. Each time a veteran is onboarded into our program, we will donate a tent to homeless advocates and agencies to distribute to those who are still in need.

Mission: To accomplish our mission, we are asking for sponsorships, funds, donations of services, as well as items that will provide resources, support, and stability for our veterans as they regain their purpose in life.

Our Packages

12 Months

$ 475 / MONTH
  • Opportunity to meet and greet the veteran that you sponsored at the annual meet up, along with pictures, a bio, videos, and updates on the Veteran's life events .


$ 225 / MONTH
  • A picture of veteran that you sponsored and general military info on the veteran.


(you can apply for Monthly or Yearly Sponsorship towards housing veterans.)

  • Receive a Plaque, a Golden coin with your name on it
  • You will get one and 1 will go on our Wall of Honor section at the facility location.


$ 350 / MONTH
  • Receive a Pledge grant award
  • Receive a Golden coin with your name or company name on it to go on our Wall of Honors billboard at the facility location.


$ 125 / MONTH
  • Receive a military statue holding a U.S. flag
  • A certificate of Honor.


$ 75 / MONTH
  • Receive a medal and U.S. flag for your pledge

Get Involved

Your generous financial contributions will help us secure housing units, provide essential support services, and enable us to create a safe and stable environment for our homeless veterans.

In addition to financial contributions, we also encourage sponsors to donate goods or items that can directly enhance the lives of our veterans. This may include furniture, appliances, household essentials, clothing, or gift cards for everyday needs.

We also encourage sponsors to donate professional services such as transportation, mental health/counseling, employment assistance, life skills trainings, and healthcare services.

These valuable services will facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our veterans to get back on their feet.

Make Donation

Your support will not only provide homeless veterans with basic necessities but will also empower them to regain their confidence and their will to fight on. With suitable housing, access to vital support services, and a supportive community, our homeless veterans can recover their purpose and thrive within society.

Help people in Need:

By becoming a Sponsor, you will not only contribute to a worthy cause, but will also enjoy the benefits of being recognized for meeting the demands of social responsibilities, having a positive impact on human life, and the satisfaction of knowing you have played a vital role in helping our veterans regain stability and hope.

Support our Cause :

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Your donations, whether financial, in-kind, or through service provision, will make a profound difference in the lives of those in need.
Together, we can give our veterans the assistance they need and the freedom from poverty that they deserve!!